"Millennial quits job in tech to travel the world. Will also blog."
- Not an Onion Article, actually what I’m doing. 


Hi there, I’m Sarah. I'm traveling the world with the Danimal and a onesie-wearing DJ, and we’ve all decided to write a little something about our experiences.

This won’t be your typical travel blog – I can’t help you get more credit card points, I don’t have any idea what I packed, and I once got lost in a parking garage for hours. What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long and boozy career.

I want to help answer a simple question: where in ______ can I get a great, local beverage?

There’s nothing more relatable, more ordinary and extraordinary, than grabbin’ a cold one at the local shpot. Nothing that makes you stop and connect like getting tipsy with new friends and learning the particulars of a country’s craft. Beer is at its core only four ingredients: malt, water, yeast, and hops, but it’s incredibly complex in its simplicity. I’m a big believer that every beer has a story – from the fruity, funky farmhouse ales of Belgium to the delicate, disciplined rice beers of Japan, you can’t deconstruct a local beverage without learning something about the people and country that created it. It’s a powerful lens through which to experience a culture for the first time.

People have written a lot about the wonderful and influential beer cultures of Europe. For the next few months, I’m interested in the pint less traveled. From Hanoi to Cape Town, I want to explore burgeoning craft communities and their influences. I’m a big fan of beer’s work, but I’m certainly no expert. I’ll do my best to find off the beaten track makers and experiences, and share the beers, people, and stories I discover along the way. Mostly so I remember them and so my parents know that I’m still alive.


Sarah - 12.15.16